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Eliminating Period Poverty in Iredell Schools

The Red Cart Project is a collaboration of local advocates who believe that menstrual health products are not a luxury. When students have access to period products, they can:

  • Avoid stress from the potential for embarrassing leaks

  • Stay in class

  • Focus on learning

  • Avoid risking their health by creating a menstrual barrier out of toilet paper, fabric, paper towels, or other unhealthy products.

United Way of Iredell County is handling all financial donations for the
Red Cart Project.  

In the News

Period Equity

Those students who lack access to products are 5.89 times more likely to miss school and 4.14 times more likely to leave school early, as compared to those who can afford products. The Red Cart Project will provide products in bathrooms so that all students who need them, have them available without having to ask a anyone.

What is Period Poverty? 

"Our school nurses regularly provide menstrual health products to students who either cannot afford products or do not have access to products on a particular day. With only one nurses office on campus, going to visit the nurse for menstrual health products, particularly on our multi building high school campus, is significant time out of the classroom. In addition, funds for menstrual health products are not in the educational budget.  Thanks to the Red Cart Program, we will be able to meet the menstrual health needs of our students in a way that provides equitable access to the needed products for our students at Mooresville Middle School and Mooresville High School, and that is a significant win against period poverty!"

Mooresville Graded School District 
Tanae Sump-McLean, Chief Communication Officer

Period poverty is limited or inadequate access to menstrual products as a result of financial constraints or negative socio-cultural stigmas associated with menstruation.


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Be a Donor

It costs $17 per year to supply one student with products.  Your financial contribution will be used to purchase period products that go into Iredell County Schools.

Be A Voice

1 in 3 low-income women, lack of access to expensive period products which means missing work, school, and outings.  It's time to break the cycle of period poverty.    

Be an Advocate

Write your local representative to let them know the importance of working toward equity for students who menstruate.

Ways to Help

Reach out to get information on doing a period supply drive and packing event for your group. 

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